Datix Proxim is a RFID portable reader developed for the electronic certification of guard tours. Data downloading is achieved by a central unit (cradle) connected to the PC. The central unit works also as recharger for the batteries of the reader. Extremely strong and reliable, Datix Proxim guarantees high security standard either during data acquisition or memorization (non volatile EEPROM memory).


125 KHZ RFID tag reading
Memory type: EEPROM
Memory size: 5000 readings (7500 readings for Plus version)
Visual and acoustic alerts
Infrared communication with Datix Central Unit
Rechargeable 1800mA – 4.8V Ni-Mh battery
Battery charge via Datix Central Unit
Enclosure: Bayblend
IP 67
Weight: ~ 230 gr.
Dim.: 140 x 58 x 43 mm.
Battery Life: max 6/7 weeks with new battery and normal environmental conditions


Century 21 Technologies supplies desktop, web and cloud applications which allow the Customer to manage all Datix peripherals and switch easily from paper-based to computer-based management of the business.

We offer complete, high-performance and scalable solutions which range from single-seat installation to client-server distributions, even on the cloud.

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