(18-Aug-17) RFID Tags

RFID Tags are 125KHz passive type (no power supply required) and are priced at a lower cost than active tags.  We supply tags with different form factors (disc, keyfob, ISO cards).

RFID technology means that the tag has a small silicone (microchip) embedded within it which has been programmed.  In this case with a alphanumeric code.  This code is then used to identify the tag within the software .

When fixing RFID Tags on metal surfaces we advise to separate the tag so that there is an interface between the 2 surfaces, such as glue or a nylon washer.  The metal surface can interfere with the signals between the Datix Hardware device and the tag when reading takes place.

There may be some cases that you may be able to use existing tags so  please let us know the details and we will advise.