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Real time guard tour system

Century 21 Technologies, providers of guard tour products is pleased to present Datix Wi-Trak Pro 3G and the new service Datix2Cloud.Datix Wi-Trak Pro 3G is a new, ruggedised, pocket-sized, portable 2G and 3G hand-held device, offering RFID, GPS, GSM/UMTS connectivity. With the ‘man down’ function you can use for managing your mobile workforce in real time, such as security guards, technicians, and operators. The makers say that the unit is now more advanced, powerful, faster than ever, with a fantastic design and now even more cost effective; and ideal when used in combination with the Datix2Cloud platform. That’s the new virtual platform service, supplied in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, as developed for the reception, processing, storage and consultation of data and status signals transmitted by Datix branded devices (hardware and app).

According to the product firm, it’s suitable for guard tour, time and attendance applications, and man down tracking management. The makers add that users won’t have to worry any more about installing software, updating and managing infrastructure or having to buy dedicated PCs and servers, as everything is to hand using the cloud service.