(16-Aug-17) “Fixed Location” Time & Attendance Terminal

Datix Nano WE and G WE


Secure to the surface and then

scan “in” and “out” with your ISO Card allowing shift times to be recorded


For fixed location Time & Attendance the Datix NaNo WE and Datix NaNo G WE are simple, easy to configure and cost-effective RFID wall terminals.  You have 2 options, off-line and on-line. With on-line you need a SIM card then you are ready to send data in Realtime via GSM/GPRS transmission to the main office. All you need is for the worker to use an ISO card to scan “in” and “out” so that shift times can be recorded. The unit is also programmable by the user with up to 30 tasks which makes it very flexible in terms of a multi-functional device.

Typical uses are Warehousing / Offices / Goods In-Out / Security Booths / Schools / Yards / Janitorial / Commercial Premises / Sports Centres / Care Homes / many more applications!

We not only provide fixed Time and Attendance solutions but also Portable hand held devices in both off-line and on-line with the Wi-Trak Pro 2G/3G being the most rugged with the full option of Voice, SMS, GPRS as a means of “Alert”.

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(23-Aug-17) Datix NaNo Application

Let’s consider an application where we could use the Datix NaNo.

Application-Care Worker 

The Care company has 10 carers that attend Clients in their homes.  Each Carer has a Datix NaNo device assigned exclusively to them.

Each Client has an ISO card which uses RFID technology.  This ISO card is assigned with the Clients personnel information within the Datix software/database.

On setup of the NaNo devices the office would program up to 30 codes.  Examples of codes could be –

* Medication

* Bath/Shower

* Dressed

When the Carer arrives on site they would acknowledge arrival by pressing the “IN” key in the keyboard. They would then scan the Clients card t

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(30-August-17) Datix Proxim

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Our Cloud service gives you the flexibility to upscale and downscale without the need to invest in hardware which mean no major setup costs.

This option is available for both dedicated hardware devices as well as the Smartphone Datix2App for android phones.


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