(23-Aug-17) Datix NaNo application

The Datix NaNo (USB download) is ideal for industries where Time & Attendance information is required.

Lets take a look at the Care Industry.

A Care company has its employees making home visits to care for the Clients.  Each Client has an ISO card.  The card has an RFID chip embedded within it.  The data from that card is programmed into the Datix software.  The data will include the Clients Personel details.

The Carer that attends will have the Datix NaNo device registered to them within the Datix software.

The Datix NaNo can be programmed with up to 30 tasks that can be selected whilst on site.  These tasks can be for example / medication given / washed / dressed / Breakfast taken /.

When the Carer arrives, he or she will acknowledge they arrived on site by pressing the “IN” key.  Then they will select each task that they perform.  Once the tasks have been completed then the “OUT” key is pressed.  This then records all the information required for that visit and builds a record of where and what the Carer has done.

Alternatively the Datix NaNo unit can be used by many Carers.  This means that within the software it would not be assigned to any particular person.  The Carers would then have their own ISO programmed RFID card with their details which would be registered within the Datix software.  All they would need to do is to scan the card after pressing the “IN” key.  This then indicates which Carer attended the Clients home.





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