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(7-March 2018) – Smartphone Datix2App for android

Whichever Industry you work in, it may be necessary to use a solution that is cost effective.

If this is the case then using the Datix2App for android phones is the one for you.  This is a real-time data communication service giving you live information.

Cost per year is £123.00

Datix2App for Smartphones

Datix2App for Smartphones










  • Android OS
  • NFC tag scanning
  •  Automatic or manual NFC scanning with clock-in and clock-out
  •  Incident management
  •  GPS positioning
  •  Loss of verticality, immobility and panic alerts sent out via text (SMS), data connection and automatic fixed/mobile number dialing
  •  Selectable verticality angle and base position
  •  Comprehensive filters to reduce false alarms
  •  Smartphone-server configuration and communication in real time, initial set-up via SMS
  •  User login with personal PIN
  •  Extended logging