We specialise in the supply of electronic equipment & software for industry sectors that require the use of

Guard Tour Patrol
Time and Attendance (Workforce Management)
Lone Worker Alert Systems


Purchasing a system is the easy part for the Customer but having the after care service is just as important. Our belief is that supporting the Customer through the life of the equipment is of paramount importance. Having local support here in the UK and also having the equipment manufacturer based in Europe ensures a speedy response to any issues that may arise.
The solutions offered are either standalone where you can simply download your data via USB cable to a local PC or a cloud based system where you don’t need to worry about the infrastructure setup and costs. It also gives you the flexibility to upscale and downscale according to your business needs.
For organisations that require a cost effective solution to roll out to a large workforce then you should consider the Smartphone Datix2App. Suitable for Guard Tour patrol and work force management with SOS alarm, no movement and tilt/angle alarms.
We supply dedicated hardware devices as well as the Smartphone Datix2App. These devices range from the simple Datix Proxim which connects locally via a USB cable to the IP rated Datix Wi-Track Pro which is our most robust device suitable for harsh environments.

Some of these industry sectors incluse:

Facility Management,
Field Service,
Property Management,
and the list goes on……


We have popular packages that can meet your requirements or we can custom design your package, so please contact us to discuss