(23-Aug-17) Datix NaNo application

The Datix NaNo (USB download) is ideal for industries where Time & Attendance information is required.

Lets take a look at the Care Industry.

A Care company has its employees making home visits to care for the Clients.  Each Client has an ISO card.  The card has an RFID chip embedded within it.  The data from that card is programmed into the Datix software.  The data will include the Clients Personel details.

The Carer that attends will have the Datix NaNo device registered to them within the Datix software.

The Datix NaNo can be programmed with up to 30 tasks that can be selected whilst on site.  These tasks can be for example / medication given / washed / dressed / Breakfast taken /.

When the Carer arrives, he or she will acknowledge they arrived on site by pressing the “IN” key.  Then they will select each task that they perform.  Once the tasks have been completed then the “OUT” key is pressed.  This then records all the information required for that visit and builds a record of where and what the Carer has done.

Alternatively the Datix NaNo unit can be used by many Carers.  This means that within the software it would not be assigned to any particular person.  The Carers would then have their own ISO programmed RFID card with their details which would be registered within the Datix software.  All they would need to do is to scan the card after pressing the “IN” key.  This then indicates which Carer attended the Clients home.





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(22-Aug-17) Datix NaNo the simplest of them all!

The Datix NaNo is the simplest device that can be used in many industry sectors where Time and Attendance information is required.

It is an Off-Line device which means that you physically connect to the PC for data download (USB connection).

You can program the device with up to 30 user tasks which are then selectable when on site.  You would use the “IN” and “OUT” keys to record the attendance of the worker.

Ideal for the Care Industry.     

Nano_ 001






Here are the device specifications-

RFID 125 KHz tag reading
128×32 graphic display
30 selectable tasks
Memory size: 10000 records
Communication and data downloading:USB
GPRS (optional, only on Nano G
GPS (optional, only NaNo G)
Man down system (only NaNo G) with
panic and loss of verticality via Text and GPRS
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Battery recharge via USB
DST management
Backup battery for RTC (clock)
Dim (mm): 80x50x22 (NaNo)
Weight (gr): ~90 (NaNo)

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(19-Aug-17) H&S Executive – Lone Working

Is it legal to work alone and is it safe?

Working alone is not in itself against the law and it will often be safe to do so. However, the law requires employers to consider carefully, and then deal with, any health and safety risks for people working alone. Employers are responsible for the health, safety and welfare at work of all their workers. They also have responsibility for the health and safety of any contractors or self-employed people doing work for them. These responsibilities cannot be transferred to any other person, including those people who work alone. Workers have responsibilities to take reasonable care of themselves and other people affected by their work activities and to co-operate with their employers in meeting their legal obligations.

Download the document to understand what steps you need to take as an employer to protect your staff.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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(18-Aug-17) RFID Tags

RFID Tags are 125KHz passive type (no power supply required) and are priced at a lower cost than active tags.  We supply tags with different form factors (disc, keyfob, ISO cards).

RFID technology means that the tag has a small silicone (microchip) embedded within it which has been programmed.  In this case with a alphanumeric code.  This code is then used to identify the tag within the software .

When fixing RFID Tags on metal surfaces we advise to separate the tag so that there is an interface between the 2 surfaces, such as glue or a nylon washer.  The metal surface can interfere with the signals between the Datix Hardware device and the tag when reading takes place.

There may be some cases that you may be able to use existing tags so  please let us know the details and we will advise.

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(17-Aug-17) Catalogue download

We have a catalogue that you can download from the website.  It gives a brief introduction to C21T and its products. Take a look as it will give you the reasons why you should invest in our software and Hardware solutions as well as the technical specifications of the products.

We even have a Smartphone App (Datix2App) for Android useful if you want to have a low cost solution compared to buying dedicated Datix hardware devices.  This option is very popular and also has the full specification of Man Down features.

Download the Catalogue

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(16-Aug-17) “Fixed Location” Time & Attendance Terminal

Datix NaNo WE / G WE

For fixed location Time & Attendance the Datix NaNo WE and Datix NaNo G WE are simple, easy to configure and cost-effective RFID wall terminals.  You have 2 options, off-line and on-line. With on-line you need a SIM card then you are ready to send data in Realtime via GSM/GPRS transmission to the main office. All you need is for the worker to use an ISO card to scan “in” and “out” so that shift times can be recorded. The unit is also programmable by the user with up to 30 tasks which makes it very flexible in terms of a multi-functional device. 

Typical uses are listed below –



Goods In/Out 

Security Booths




Commercial Premises

Sports Centres

Care Homes

and many more!

We not only provide fixed Time and Attendance solutions but also Portable hand held devices in both off-line and on-line with the Wi-Trak Pro 2G/3G being the most rugged with the full option of Voice, SMS, GPRS as a means of “Alert”. Equipped with SOS button for immediate attention.  

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25-Jul-17 Professional Security Magazine



Find us on-line at the Professional Security Magazine where we regularly feature in the Security Products section with monthly updates on current and new products.

You can also access our updates in the on-line magazine and hard copy and we are also listed in the Directory of Services.


Take a look below at the current article that we have on-line

Real time guard tour system

Century 21 Technologies, providers of guard tour products is pleased to present Datix Wi-Trak Pro 3G and the new service Datix2Cloud.Datix Wi-Trak Pro 3G is a new, ruggedised, pocket-sized, portable 2G and 3G hand-held device, offering RFID, GPS, GSM/UMTS connectivity. With the ‘man down’ function you can use for managing your mobile workforce in real time, such as security guards, technicians, and operators. The makers say that the unit is now more advanced, powerful, faster than ever, with a fantastic design and now even more cost effective; and ideal when used in combination with the Datix2Cloud platform. That’s the new virtual platform service, supplied in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, as developed for the reception, processing, storage and consultation of data and status signals transmitted by Datix branded devices (hardware and app).

According to the product firm, it’s suitable for guard tour, time and attendance applications, and man down tracking management. The makers add that users won’t have to worry any more about installing software, updating and managing infrastructure or having to buy dedicated PCs and servers, as everything is to hand using the cloud service.



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I don t want to go to your shit clinic, you come quickly, I am waiting for you in the ballroom. If you don t want to Staying in Dalian, we can go to Zhuhai, go to Shenzhen, go C++ Certified Associate Programmer CPP to any city you like, or even go abroad At the office, she held his hand and circled around him, circled again and again, as if he had let go, she would fly like a cigarette. I used C++ Institute CPP Certificate my hand to squat, and Provides C++ Institute CPP Certificate I couldn t move it. Is there still me The middle aged woman hurried to appease Most Popular C++ Institute CPP Certificate her husband and shook her husband s hand. Looking up at the sky, the sky is cold and cold, watching C++ Institute CPP Certificate yourself coldly, with a sadness and sorrow, but mixed with scornful sarcasm. How much do you earn C++ Institute CPP Certificate now C++ Institute CPP Certificate in a month About 10,000. Getting along with the man, the money is Axiang, plus a week C++ Institute CPP Certificate of hospitalization, spent two or CPP Certificate three thousand yuan, 50% OFF C++ Institute CPP Certificate Axiang s savings almost spent. Although the workers who went on strike did not hold any responsibility, a C++ Certified Professional Programmer month later, A Feng was fired. Zhuhai is a paradise. The sun in Zhuhai is bright, the rhythm is gentle, people are lazy, and CPP they are slower than the outside market. In this family, she did C++ Institute CPP Certificate not dare to be too close to Li Wei.

What do you say to them He rolled his eyes Yes, Alice, that s what I said to them. C++ Institute CPP Certificate When we met, my biological father and mother hoped that I C++ Institute CPP Certificate C++ Certified Professional Programmer would go to work in their city after graduation. The waiting hall is in a quiet moment of memories. William took the Latest Release C++ Institute CPP Certificate CPP remote control and turned on the TV and said, Free Download Real C++ Institute CPP Certificate This is not the case. She reached out and gently covered her eyes on raymond s eyes. When I graduated, I found a day C++ Institute CPP Certificate job at the advertising company, so I could write the script at night. Baby, let s see what gift Santa sent you. C++ Institute CPP Certificate A young switchman heard my fragile cry, walked along the rails, and another train that galloped from a distance made the rails Shaking up, after he held C++ Institute CPP Certificate me to the chest, the train screamed in front CPP Certificate of us. Ye Green couldn Most Popular C++ Institute CPP Certificate t see his eyes, but from the fingers that were repeatedly slammed on Discount C++ Institute CPP Certificate the knees, she could feel that Zhou s visit was not very good for this visit. The younger brother quickly swayed her shoulders and said, don t be angry, good sister. I swear to you, I have not compiled. I nodded. Let CPP Certificate me guess, people don t talk like this in real life, right Barney chuckled softly I really said this to you Oh, Most Popular C++ Institute CPP Certificate my god, a long time ago, C++ Certified Associate Programmer CPP right. He walked in the direction of the park without a word.

Even when she is facing her brother, she is no longer worried. 22 wife Both of our codes are randomly selected Fixed. Finally, when the mother CPP Certificate went out to sing songs every night, Ye CPP Green stood behind the door and she heard her mother coming out. Mom, said Peter. Dad, she asked C++ Institute CPP Certificate the question but it was kind. Said Nedra. It s fun, Ped. C++ Institute CPP Certificate Zoe said that he and Peter were fighting each other. C++ Institute CPP Certificate It had already been a lot of greasy. The man who had been with C++ Certified Associate Programmer CPP her lips ten years ago, he has grown Recenty Updated C++ Institute CPP Certificate up, his mouth has a dark beard, his eyebrows are Download Latest C++ Institute CPP Certificate C++ Institute CPP Certificate thick, his body is burly, only a pair of big eyes have not changed, time is 100% Pass Guaranteed or Full Refund C++ Institute CPP Certificate here. I just came over, C++ Institute CPP Certificate I said. They C++ Institute CPP Certificate have been here for a long 50% OFF C++ Institute CPP Certificate time. Is it sad for me Recenty Updated C++ Institute CPP Certificate No, I said. Because I haven t met a woman testking like you again. Walking silently forward, the C++ Certified Professional Programmer empty wilderness does not move, let us feel that our walking seems to be in place.

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