What is Datix2App

Note – The app is compatible with existing software platforms including RTS, Suite, Suite Web and even Datix2Cloud.

The Datix2App is a multifunctional App for Android Smartphones that can be used for:

Guard Tour Systems
Time and Attendance
Man Down Alert Systems

& other industry sectors

It is the winning technological solution.
Taking a look at some of the features, NFC scanning and GPS tracking with the cutting edge functions typical of a man down alert system (panic alerts, loss of verticality and extended immobility), the Datix2App stands out as a smart and integrated solution.

Typical applications

There is no reason why it could not be used in all the above 3 applications as a complete solution


A perfect example could be a Guard Tour System where the Client requires evidence that the area has been “certified” and checked.

As well as the area being certified there may be a requirement for Time and Attendance so that the Guard can show where he/she has been and for how long.  This allows the Client to see more detailed information.

In some environments it may be necessary that the Guard has a panic button and additional features such as loss of verticality and extended immobility for the absolute reassurance of their safety.  In this case the Man Down Alert Systems are invaluable.

So you can see how useful the Datix2App can be.

Features and benefits


Established European Manufacturer who are associated with quality and reliability

Peace of mind for both Employee and Employer

Demonstrates duty of care

Functionality can help in lowering insurance premiums

No additional hardware required

Can make use of your existing Smartphone

Simple and easy to use

Android OS

NFC tag scanning

Automatic or manual NFC scanning with clock-in and clock-out

Incident management

GPS positioning

Loss of verticality, immobility and panic alerts sent out via text (SMS), data connection and automatic fixed/mobile number dialling

Selectable verticality angle and base position

Comprehensive filters to reduce false alarms

Smartphone-server configuration and communication in real time, initial set-up via SMS

User login with personal PIN

Extended logging