for guarding services and staff attendance management on the CLOUD

Datix2Cloud is a software service on virtual infrastructure provided in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode and designed for the reception, processing, saving and consultation of data and status signals transmitted by SAVV or Datix brand hardware devices equipped with TCP/IP network connectivity (e.g. GPRS, Wi-Fi …). The service is available for both purchased and leased devices. It does not include the supply of a SIM card or data traffic for which the equipment users remain responsible. The service is provided in SaaS mode when you buy, top-up or use service credits. The credits used over a given period of time depend on the quantity of the resources used.

The benefits of Datix2Cloud

Scalability: you can increase or decrease the resources used following workload peaks therefore reducing time and costs.
Reliability: infrastructure back-up, high security standards and data held at a leading Italian data center.
Real time and easy use: rapid provisioning and intuitive functionality at just a click away.
Pay per use: you only pay for the resources you use, there are no monthly charges and no time restrictions.
No investments needed in computers, networks or software licenses: no outlays for investments in dedicated PCs or servers, no outlays for investments in operating system licenses and no outlays for investments in network infrastructure (no public IP addresses, no firewalls and no dedicated routers). You can access the cloud platform via the browser of your device which is already being used and is already connected to the internet.

How Datix2Cloud works

The Datix2Cloud platform consists essentially of 3 components: the system for the reception and processing of data transmitted by SAVV or Datix brand hardware devices, Datix2Cloud.Portal (the management portal) and Datix2Cloud.App (the web application). Once the contract for the supply of the service has been subscribed, Customers receive an ID code that identifies them unequivocally and will accompany them throughout the whole period in which they use the service. In addition to ID code, Customers are also allocated a username and a password for access to the portal and web application.

Datix2Cloud.Portal – The portal allows customers to check the resources being used, activate new service credits and check the credits left and those used in the past. The portal tells you the estimated date when the credits will run out on the basis of the average resources used in the last period. Finally, the portal has specific functions for requests for technical assistance (e.g. web ticket).

Datix2Cloud.App – This is the real application with all the functionalities required for guard control, attendance management and GPS tracking.

Resources for which a charge is made

The resources for which a charge is made and which therefore form part of the calculation of the credits spent over a specific period of time are:

Devices (fixed and portable terminals),
RFID tags,
Web users.

Web user means any user having access to Datix2Cloud.App.

Product identification codes

Service credits are available in various denominations to satisfy all needs, from trials to intensive use. The following table sets out the product code for each top-up denomination.

Product code: D2C-100 – Service credits: 100

Product code: D2C-1000 – Service credits: 1000

Product code: D2C-5000 – Service credits: 5000

Product code: D2C-10000 – Service credits: 10000

Product code: D2C-20000 – Service credits: 20000

Product code: D2C-50000 – Service credits: 50000

Product code: D2C-100000 – Service credits: 100000