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Datix2App What Smartphones does the Datix2App work on? Android only
Datix2App Why does Datix2App only work on Android Smartphones? Android Smartphones offer easy access to developers.  In our case we can then utilise the full specification of the Android Smartphone.  This is not always possible with other platforms. 
Note: When you compare the specifications with other suppliers you should carefully check as they may offer all platforms, such as Android, IOS, Windows but the full functionality may not be availble such as the full range of Man Down features, only impact but not verticality or phone calls.
Datix2App What is the advantage of using the App? It is a cost effective solution to using dedicated Datix hardware devices.  In some cases Customers already have Smartphones available within their business.
Datix2App Can I try the App before purchasing? Yes, we can setup a demo account and give you access to the Datix2App so that you can fully test not only the App but the software with all its functionality.
Datix2App What tags do I use? NFC (Near Field Communication) at 13.56Mhz.  The form factors are Disc and ISO card.
Note:  RFID does not work with Datix2App.
Datix2App Is there a Cloud service for Datix2App? Yes, we offer a 1 Year and 3 Year package which includes Technical Support Monday to Friday.
Datix2App Is there on-Premises software for Datix2App? Yes, we offer a 1 Year and 3 Year package. 
Note: It does not include Technical Support.
Software Do I need software to run with the Datix hardware devices (including Datix2App)? Yes. 
In some cases software developers only need the hardware devices and will integrate the devices into their systems therefore not requiring our software.
Software What’s the function of the sofware? Data Management and Communications.  The advantages of using the software-paperless, analyse data, generate reports, safe storage of data, GPRS data sending, voice calls, GPS monitoring, cloud based, alarm (SOS), real time tracking, managed locally and remotely.
Sofware Can I have a demonstration? Yes, we can go though this with you remotely and answer any questions that you have.  We just need to fix a date and time that is mutually convenient.
Software Who develops the software? SAVV Srl (Supplier) develops the software inhouse.  This guarantees improved response to our Customers as we can go directy to SAVV for technical support and not third parties.  Remember we are a Partner in the UK so we have priority with service support.
Software What software is provided and what does it do? Management platform-
*Datix Suite – the desktop solution
*Datix Suite WEB – the web based solution
*Datix2Cloud – (no maintenance or hardware costs)
Monitoring and communications service
Software What software do I need? This depends on the type of service you require. 
We will quote you the best option/s once we discuss your requirement in detail.
Cloud What is Datix2Cloud A maintained system that the Customer does not need to manage.  The system gives you flexibility to downscale and upscale depending on your business requirements.  Peace of mind that data is kept safe at a leading data centre. Ideal for Cutomers that do not have the technical support inhouse.  Also reducing the need to invest in hardware and software. 

Cloud What packages are available for Cloud? Datix2App-
Cloudbased with service support package
1 Year and 3 Year package options
Datix Hardware Devices-
Cloudbased with 3 months, 6 months, 1 Year and 3 Year package options.
Note: service support included at an extra charge
Hardware Who designs and builds the Datix Hardware devices Savv Srl (Supplier) designs and builds the hardware devices in its factory in Italy.  Designed and built in the European Union should reassure Customers of ultimate software design and build quality. 
Hardware What tags do I use? For dedicated Datix harware devices, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) at 125KHz passive type, i.e. no power are used with a form factor of Disk, Keyfob and ISO card.
Hardware Is there a Vandal detection system?  Yes, The software can store this additional information.  Useful if the unit has a large shock to it.  It will record this in either offline or online mode.  Note:  The Datix2App does not have this option.
Application Is the hardware & softwares specific to a industry? No, the hardware and software can be used in most industries where you need to either record checkpoints/movements, track or protect your wokforce. 
Application Is it a failsafe option? No, we state this in our "hardware warranty" specifically with high risk activities such as nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation or communication systems, air traffic control, weapons systems, life support machines, or any other application in which the failure of the hardware device could lead directly to death, personal injury, or severe property damage.   
Data Protection  Does the website have some kind of security? Yes, the site has an SSL certificate.  Even though we do not take payment through the website we still believe your contact details are confidential therefore we have secured the site.
Data Protection  Are my personel/business details safe? Yes.  We are registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).  You can view the certificate on the website.
Data Communication What is off-line? This means that the Datix hardware device connects directly to the computer via a cable to download the data. 
Data Communication What is on-line? The data is transmitted remotely via GPRS.
Quote Lead-time When can I expect my quote? The same day or the next working day.
Guarantee What is the guarantee period of the equipment? 1 year
Order Confirmation How long do I have to wait for an order confirmation 2 working days.  In some circumstance it may take longer, for example a large order because we have to check with the manufacturer on lead-times
GPS Tracking Can you use the software to track someone? Yes.  You need to choose either a GPS enabled Datix hardware device or Datix2App (comes with GPS as standard).
Site visits Can I request a site visit? Yes, we can visit if you require a more detailed demonstration and to physically see the Datix hardware devices.
Installation Do I need an engineer on site for installation of equipment? No.  It is not necessary.  All the setup is carried out remotely.
Return of Equipmet What happens if I need to return equipment We can either arrange this or leave you to make the arrangements.  The cost of sending the equipment back will be at the Customer’s expense.
Repair of Equipment Where is the equipment repaired? We can repair in the UK but our main service centre is in Italy at the factory.
Spare parts Are consumables (stock) kept in th UK? Yes.
Remote Access Can my system be accessed remotey if I have any techical issues? Yes.  We will use our software for remote access which will be either from our office in the UK or in some circumstances we will ask our manufacturer to directly link with you.
Printed Media Is there a paper version catalogue? Yes, we can send this to you if you prefer.  There is the digital version on the website that you can view or download.
Dealer/Partner Is Century 21 Techologies an authorised dealer? Yes, we are appointed as an authorised Partner of SAVV srl to sell and support their products in the United Kningdom.  You can see our certificate which is included on the website.
Social Media Is there any Social Media? Yes, we are on Twitter.
Social Media Is there a blog? Yes, see our home page.  We regulary update with information on our products and any events we participate in as well as any interesting relevant news we feel you should be aware of.
Marketing What publictions is Century 21 Technologies in? We are in Professional Security Magazine where we are in the Directory of Services and regularly feature in the product news section.  We are also in the Facilities Management Magazine.
Data Communication Do I need a SIM card for the Datix hardware devices and Datix2App? Yes.  SIM cards are not provided.  You will need to purchase these seperately and have the relevant plan. 
Note:  You should make sure the plan is suitable for the service as this may affect the data communicaton of the device.
Logistics What carrier is used? We generally ship by TNT
Logistics What is the HS Code? 84719000
Logistics Where does my order ship from? Either from the UK or direct from the supplier in Italy.  We can reduce costs if we supply direct to you from the supplier.  We may do this on some occasions.
Logistics Is cost of shipping included within the product cost? No, we quote this seperately within the quote so you understand exactly what you are paying for.
Logistics Can I arrange my own shipping? Yes.
Logistics Does the shipping of goods have insurance cover? Yes, we always insure to the value of the order of the goods.