Guard Tour Systems

The main purpose of a Guard Tour System is to “certify” that an area has been checked

Datix Proxim is a portable rugged RFID reader designed for tough environments. The Guard Tour System will allow the guarding company to certify that the area has been attended and checked.  This is accomplished by the employee scanning tags placed at certain locations (checkpoints) using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.

These checkpoints can be either inside or outside.

Datix Proxim

Datix Proxim is a RFID patrol control system designed for the electronic certification of guard tours. Extremely strong and reliable, Datix Proxim guarantees high security levels.

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Guard Tour System + Time and Attendance (Hybrid)

Increasingly is the requirement for a Guard Tour System to have the additional function of “Time and Attendance” information which has been requested by the Client. This allows the guarding company to record the shift time from start to finish of the employee as well as obtaining data regarding the assigned tasks such as when started/finished and the time between tasks.

This can be achieved by devices that have a graphics display and keyboard.

Keeping it simple, to record Time and Attendance requires a device that has the “IN” and “OUT” keys on the Keyboard with a graphics (user display).

Wi-Trak Pro

Datix Wi-Trak Pro is our new multi-function handheld which allows you to monitor patrols in real time. The unit comes with RFID reader, GPRS, GPS, man down system for lone workers and voice transmission.

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Datix NaNo is a pocket size reader that can be effectively used for the certification of patrol services. This handheld is a cost effective and quick-to-install solution for all who wish to approach the world of guard tour.
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NaNo G

Datix NaNo G can transmit the collected data also in real time to the monitoring station through a fully featured 2-way GPRS connection. Datix NaNo G is now available with man down for lone workers.
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Datix NaNo G can now embed a GPS receiver useful to track your workforce in real time. Also, the GPS coordinates can be attached to man down alerts such as panic, loss of verticality and no movement.
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There is the option to use our dedicated software for your Android Smartphone. By loading the Datix2App you have a system that is ready to be used in the same application of Guard Tour System + Time and Attendance……….

Includes NFC tag reading, GPS tracking and man down alert system for lone workers.
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We develop desktop, web and cloud applications which allow the Customer to manage all peripherals and switch easily from a paper-based to a computer-based management of his business.
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Datix RFID systems read 125KHz passive RFID tags (no power supply required and cheaper than active tags). Tags are available with different form factors (disc, keyfob, ISO cards).

NFC Tags

Datix2App only reads using the NFC (Near Field Communications) system. The frequency range is 13.56 Mhz.  The form factors are – Disc and ISO card