Mobile App (on-line)

On-line System
For those who wish to reduce hardware costs and use existing technology within their organisation then you should consider the Datix2App for ANDROID smartphones.

This option allows you to have the flexibility of a system with no upfront costs involved with the reassurance of a Cloud based system that is managed by SAVV S.r.L and Century 21 Technologies Ltd.

Suitable for applications involving

Guard Tour Patrol

Time and Attendance / Work Force Management

Man Down Alert Systems / Lone Worker

and many more….

All that is required is that you have internet access from your computer to access the Cloud account.

Please note that we only provide software for the Android platform (not windows or i-phone).

The Android Smartphone device used WILL REQUIRE SOFTWARE so that it can function with the system.

Here are the steps that you need to take to have a fully functioning system.

Step 1 – Choose your Software package configuration
(This will secure your Cloud account + software download for your Android Smartphone)

Step 2 – Choose your Accessories

Step 1

Using either Programmed Tour or Service Order for Guard Tour companies
(Licence sent in electronic format) allow 3-5 working days for activation of software

*Please note that the software is an annual payment PER DEVICE which needs to be renewed every year to function

(example, you have 2 android smartphones that require to be used with the system and you wish to have a 1 year contract, therefore you need to purchase 2 x APP-D2A-1YCLOUD)

Product TitleSKUThumbnailsPriceQuantityAction
Datix2App V2 Cloud – Android Smartphone App – 1 year


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Datix2App V2 Cloud – Android Smartphone App – 3 year


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Step 2

Now choose the accessories that you need to have a fully functioning system.

Please allow 7-10 working days for delivery