Datix NaNo G GPS

Datix NaNo G GPS is a portable RFID time and attendance reporting system for mobile workforce management. Based on RFID – 125 KHz reading technology, Datix NaNo G GPS terminals come with graphic LCD display and membrane keyboard to clock-in/out and scroll the list of tasks by means of which the employee can describe the activities he/she has carried out in the field. Local data downloading and battery charging are achieved via the USB connector. By embedding a state-of-the-art GSM/GPRS module, the Datix NaNo G GPS can transmit the collected data in real time to the monitoring station through a fully featured 2-way GPRS connection. Using the GPS function you will be able to track your employees for Time and Attendance purposes. GPS also serves as a level of protection in case you need to know where your employee is if there is an accident or they have not reported in.


RFID 125 KHz tag reading
128×32 graphic display
30 selectable tasks
Memory size: 5000/10000 records
Communication and data downloading: USB (all models),
2-way GPRS (only NaNo G)
GPS (optional, only NaNo G)
Man down system (only NaNo G) with panic
via Text and GPRS
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Battery recharge via USB
DST management
Backup battery for RTC (clock)
Dim (mm): 108x58x26 (NaNo G with GPS)
Weight (gr): approx. 160 (NaNo G with GPS)



Datix NaNo is the preferred choice for switching easily from a paper-based to a computer-based management system for Home Care Services providing care to elderly people and people with disabilities living in their own homes. The device logs arrival and the departure time of carers.


By Datix NaNo and Datix NaNo G all cleaning companies can maximize the performance of their complete process control system, from mileage and expenses calculation, to invoicing and payroll.

Maintenance Services
Being pocket size devices, Datix Nano and Datix NaNo G can also be effectively used to log activities of Service Teams to manage maintenance practices such as the scheduled maintenance processes of fire extinguishers, elevators and boilers. One portable unit for every engineer and one RFID tag to identify each device that is to be maintained.